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3) Diana was something of a role model for Markle long before she met Harry. After Diana’s death in 1997, when Markle was 16, she and a friend watched videos of Diana’s 1981 wedding to Prince Charles. They also watched Diana’s funeral, with “tears coursing down their cheeks.” Afterward, inspired by Diana’s legacy, Markle collected clothes and toys for needy kids.

5) Markle learned everything she knows about dealing with fans from Yasmine Bleeth. Wait, the Yasmine Bleeth who was on “Baywatch”? Yes. When Markle was 13, she worked at Humphrey Yogart, a frozen yogurt shop in Southern California, earning $4 an hour. One day, Bleeth came in and Markle, who was a fan, blurted out: “I really like you in that Soft N Dri commercial.” Bleeth smiled, asked Markle her name, and shook her hand. “That moment with Yasmine is exactly what I base every interaction with fans on,” Markle said later.

5. She is (or, was) a lifestyle blogger

Meghan Markle used to have quite the side hustle: The Tig, a “lifestyle brand dedicated to the love of travel, food, fashion, and beauty.” Although the site shut down in April of 2017, curious readers can still go down the rabbit hole of The Tig’s Instagram, which features inspirational quotes, scenic travel shots, and lots of colorful donuts.



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