A Luxurious Tranquility Of BirdCage 33 Hotel

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Located in Yalıkavak Bodrum, Birdcage 33 Hotel is known for its stunning location and its philosophy of bringing like-minded souls together. Offering a living space away from the hustle and bustle where breathing together is possible, Birdcage 33 is ready for summer 2024 season. With its 11 uniquely designed rooms and the “Fusion Cuisine” approach of its restaurant Lika, Birdcage 33 is set in a nature-integrated area that also boasts an exceptional Yalıkavak view. Birdcage 33 provides a fun yet relaxing escape; a meeting point where one can breathe together and experience the cherished spirit of Bodrum.

Birdcage 33 HotelBirdcage 33 HotelBirdcage 33 HotelBirdcage 33 Hotel

Birdcage 33, presenting sincerity intertwined with fine tastes, is starting the season with a new surprise. A brand-new food and beverage concept, Uslu Meyhane, joins Birdcage 33. Capturing the spirit of the traditional Turkish Meyhane, Uslu opens its doors on June 15th. Uslu Meyhane, with its traditional menu, will soon meet gastronomy enthusiasts, offering a unique dining experience accompanied by Birdcage 33’s stunning view. Lika, with all its components, draws its youthful spirit from the brand’s creator Ege Karabük. Inspired by the breathtaking view of Yalıkavak, one of the most special places in the Aegean, Karabük emphasizes that Lika embraces not just gastronomy but also art, design, and music. Lika amplifies the energy from these fields through special events and collaborations.

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