Can Gallery Athens Presents: ‘Beyond Nostalgia Hijack’

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Duration: 17.04.21 – 22.05.21

Konstantinos Giotis, Eva Papamargariti, Konstantinos Pettas, Marios Stamatis, Valinia Svoronou

Curated by: Konstantinos Giotis

CAN Gallery Athens presents the group exhibition Beyond Nostalgia Hijack, tomorrow between 11:00-16:00. The new show, through the different practice of each artist, develops a speculative network of affect as a hypothetical landscape with poetic points of departure. The state of numbness that is often experienced in moments of pause can expand the capacity for reflectivity or transformation inherent in the mundane, as well as the disruptive potential of the absurdity of banal activities and thoughts. Themes of irony, fragility, romanticism, futurism, investigations on technological progress, nature and identity permeate the show.

Konstantinos Giotis, Visions of peasants, 2021,

In his paintings, Konstantinos Giotis creates a conceptual network of cultural references, symbols and autobiographical deviations that blur the boundaries between the personal and the collective acting as building blocks for a contemporary imaginary. Through dreamy scenes and an elliptical relationship with representation, his painting often draws conceptually from the representational vision of the avant-garde of the 20th century…

Eva Papamargariti, Always ecstatic, always lost 2, 2021, print on neoprene

Eva Papamargariti’s practice focuses on time-based media, printed material and sculptural installations that explore the relationship between digital space and material reality. She is interested in the creation of 2d/3d rendered spaces and scenarios which provoke narrations based on the obscure simultaneous situations unfolding in a quotidian frequency on the verge of digital and physical environments, blurring the boundaries between these «ecosystems»…

Konstantinos Pettas, Untitled (Dasein I), installation vew, 2015, cast aluminium, water transfer print, aluminium frame

Konstantinos Pettas in his practice explores the structures of existence and production within the context of an economy in constant flux. For Untitled (Dasein I), the starting point is a commercially available piece of artificial granite rock, cast in aluminium, with industrial prints that mimic natural camouflage added on its surface attempting a geological imitation…

Marios Stamatis, EXOEXO, video still 1

In his practice, Marios Stamatis examines the human–nature–technology triptych relationship as well as the technological limitations of embodiment and the value of emotion in a digital capitalist society. In this installation he composes a meta-narrative during which the organic matter has undergone evolutionary mutation processes. Through a de-centered physical and neural fluidity in the form of expression, his work simulates and explores the increasing influence of new forms of intelligence on the human psyche…

Valinia Svoronou presents a new ceramic work, Salvaged Notes 4-8, 2021 The newly fired ceramics resemble notes and sketches, some salvaged and some encased within a strange glaze. The content of the notes range from already existing poetry to personal notes and sketches tributing other female artists, resembling diaristic fragments/confessions. The fragrance of those fictitious memoirs echoes back to her sculptures resembling roses made out of cardboard and plaster as a flower associated with secrecy.

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