From Paris To Bodrum: Iconic Caviar Kaspia Opens Its Doors At Maxx Royal Resort

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Caviar Kaspia, the most luxurious, iconic and world-famous restaurant in Paris since 1927, opened its first resort restaurant in the world with the “Kaspia by the Sea” concept at Maxx Royal Bodrum Resort, following the international success it achieved with its openings in Los Angeles, London and New York. World-famous Caviar Kaspia brings the unique experiences it created in Paris to Bodrum with its flavors starring caviar. Caviar Kaspia invites chefs to a table full of caviar’s unique colors, ranging from black to red. Caviar Kaspia’s signature dishes, “Traditional Norwegian Smoked Salmon”, “Royal Crab” and “Caviar on Baked Potatoes”, offer its guests the opportunity to have a privileged experience.

Caviar Kaspia By The SeaCaviar Kaspia By The SeaCaviar Kaspia By The Sea

While every part of the restaurant offers breathtaking sea views, the Bar, a real jewel of the venue, serves magnificent cocktails accompanied by caviar in a magnificent environment that blends tradition and modernity. Interior design details such as the predominance of Caspia blue and the mix of noble materials evoke the enchanting atmosphere of the Aegean Sea. Architectural details, local stone facades and umbrellas decorated with turquoise tones and aquamarine cushions in the “Kaspia by the Sea” concept created a fascinating environment, literally giving guests the appearance of a floating garden on the shores of the Aegean Sea.Caviar Kaspia invites all its guests to a new and stylish break at Maxx Royal Bodrum Resort with the Kaspia by the Sea concept.

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