Lika Restaurant Delivers Top Gastronomic Experience With ‘Fusion Cuisine’ Touch

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Located in the magical BirdCage 33 Hotel in Bodrum Yalıkavak, Lika restaurant & bar delivers again this years a mesmerizing gastronomic experience that embraces the sunset with its “Fusion Cuisine” approach. Led by Chef Sara Tabrizi, Lika presents our favorite flavors while also telling the stories that reflect the spirit of the Aegean. The menu at Lika is entrusted to Chef Emiğra Bayrak. Both chefs have made many innovations while preserving Lika’s loyal spirit and ‘fusion cuisine’ approach since last year. 

Lika RestaurantLika RestaurantLika RestaurantLika RestaurantLika Restaurant

Starting from the cold appetizers; Grilled Eggplant Tomato Salad, Crispy Chickpea Musabbaha and Bodrum Tangerine Ceviche are mesmerizing. From the hot dishes, the most excusite ones are defenitely; Marinated Grilled Flatbread with Grilled Beef Tongue, Romesco Octopus and Crispy Sardine Rocket. Lika decided to keep on mene the all time favourite dishes from last year as well, which are; Black Garlic Cream with Morel Mushrooms, Mussels with Konya Blue Cheese and Wine Sauce, and Kazandibi with Ice Cream. Lika’s “Fusion Cuisine,” offering beloved flavors, represents harmony with identity and stories, without adhering to a single culture. It draws strength from diversity, bringing differences to life harmoniously, akin to music from different languages accompanying the meal in the same style.

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