Lucca By The Sea Is An Exquisite Gastronomical Seaside Oasis

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Lucca by the Sea, a seaside oasis on the stunning Turkish Riviera, welcomes guests back to enjoy the finest local seafood and Lucca-inspired cocktails. Since its establishment, Lucca has been known for its unique style in the food, beverage, and entertainment sector. Located in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bodrum, Lucca by the Sea has opened its doors to another season, combining the perfect harmony of gastronomy, sea and music.

Lucca By The SeaLucca By The SeaLucca By The SeaLucca By The SeaLucca By The Sea

Lucca by the Sea continues offering its beloved flavors in Bodrum with a Mediterranean-dominated menu of world cuisine, which is innovated with the consultancy of chefs Francesco Capuzzo Dolcetta and Guglielmo Chiarapini, who have previously worked in world-renowned Michelin-starred restaurants. With the “kitchen they carry with them,” which they call FEG, the abbreviation of their name, the chefs are pioneering the traveling kitchen project as they search for the ultimate location to open their restaurants. Their cooking style consists of accents and contrasts that transcend the boundaries of the cuisine and change according to where they travel. FEG will participate in the Lucca by the Sea journey this summer to create new bonds with Bodrum fans. Among the favorite dishes there are: Tuna Carpaccio, Langoustine Crudo and Tarama. With his world cuisine experience and innovative perspective, Ralph Sason is excited to introduce his new surprise flavors to his Lucca by the Sea guests throughout the summer, which will mainly based on fresh sea ingredients. Lucca by the Sea awaits guests who want to discover tomorrow’s trendiest cuisine first and taste unique flavors on by the sea side

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