Morchella Restaurant Perfectly Blends Turkish & Italian Authentic Flavours Together

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Located in a ‘dolce-vita’ style hotel Casa Nonna Bodrum, Morchella expertly blends the most authentic flavors of both Turkish and Italian cuisine and takes the guests on a fascinating journey through the Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by the enchanting view of the Aegean. Its expert chefs meticulously select the freshest local ingredients and bring together the best of both cuisines to bring out the flavor of each dish.

Morchella RestaurantMorchella RestaurantMorchella RestaurantMorchella RestaurantMorchella RestaurantMorchella Restaurant

Named after the morel mushrooms of the region, Morchella combines fresh and high quality ingredients carefully grown on Casa Nonna Bodrum’s farm and fields with the chefs’ skillful preparation of dishes. With a wide range of menus combining the unique extra virgin olive oils of the Aegean and Mediterranean, fresh seafood from the Mediterranean, spices from the Silk Road and local products from all corners of Turkey, each dish promises a culinary adventure. The fresh products in Casa Nonna Bodrum’s kitchen are produced under the leadership of Barbaros Farm and transformed into unique breakfasts and lunches with the touch of master chefs.

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