The Most Essential Men’s Summer Accessories

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It might sound counterintuitive, but summer is the best time to accessorise your favourite clothes! When temperatures soar, the majority of men will step out the house looking almost completely identical in pants, shorts, T-shirt, sneakers… However, you can beat this dull uniformity with our best essential summer accessories that will defenitely elevate both your outfits and your style game…

The tote is arguably the perfect summer bag: often rendered in lightweight canvas or nylon, it is easy to carry, has a large practical compartment and comes in a number of vibrant and muted shades. JW Anderson’s summer tote bag is ideal for everything from weekend shopping trips to beach days, where a holdall feels too much. As long as your feet are presentable, there is no better option than a refined pair of sandals from Versace Medusa collectgion on a hot day. Slides are fine in a sport or leisure environment but it’s definitely time to gravitate away from flip-flops. Maturity is key.

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Like anything else in your wardrobe, a belt should not be skimped on, nor channel any type of novelty. Look for Prada’s braid leather belt model which is not only more in keeping with the season but will help introduce some much-needed texture to your looks. You might scoff but if you get it right not only does it provide a faultless summertime accessory but it’ll also protect you from sun damage. Jacquemus’ baseball cap now as opposed to when you were a teenager is an opportunity to show maturity. Avoid logos and sports references like the plague and opt for the best options from premium brands. Don’t be afraid to don jewellery. As previously mentioned, there’s going to be thousands of white-T-shirt-and-short-clad men out there on any sunny day. Rise above the crowd by showing a bit of personality. Invest in a Balenciaga’s pendant necklace in classic gold. Wear it often and it will quickly become one of your style signatures. When it comes to choosing sun-glasses this season, go ahead and without any self-doubt try Off-White‘s transparent one with a yellow shadows. We can promise you that once you see yourself in the mirror, you will wear them every single day wherever you go, either it is beach, sea side, a boat party or just a walk around your neighbourhood.

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