The Breeder Athens Presents: Aristeidis Lappas’ Exhibition ‘Colours Of-Greekness’

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Aristeidis Lappas // Colours of Greekness

7 February-23 March

The Breeder is presenting the first solo show of Aristeidis Lappas with the gallery at its project space.

Aristeidis Lappas, Abstract Series, 2018 Oil on Paper, each 50 x 70 cm

Lappas creates a flamboyantly colored playground where one can meander through concepts of identity, urbanism, humor and existentialism.

Aristeidis Lappas, Series of Columns, 2019 Oil Pastel on Paper, each 35 x 25 cm

His use of familiar imagery remains encapsulated in larger forms allowing for playful discoveries, rediscoveries and interpretations.

Aristeidis Lappas, Column and a Rubber, 2018 Oil on Canvas, 165 x 125 cm

He expands the space, naturally provided by humor, for contemplating on previously repressed or silenced issues, by alternating between abstraction and narration. Lappas also comments on the perceived “Greekness” as inextricably linked to Ancient Greece, as opposed to the grimy actualities of the everyday Greek experience.

Aristeidis Lappas, Honda, 2018 Oil on Canvas,150 x 120 cm

His humorous approach is not only a simple indicator of incongruity between the two; it also serves as a reflection on the arbitrary construction of such identities.,


Over the last fifteen years The Breeder has been a pioneer in the development of the contemporary art scene in Athens. In 2008 the gallery moved to masterfully renovated factory from the 1970s in the centre of Athens. One of the main goals of the gallery is to dynamically promote a select group of emerging Greek artists on the global arena and show cutting edge international artists in the city of Athens. 

Throughout 2013 The Breeder operated a pop-up gallery space in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In June 2015 The Breeder inaugurated a residency program. The Breeder gallery and The Breeder Residency serve as a link connecting cultures and supporting a deeper understanding and exchange, political ideas and ideals in regards to contemporary art production.


45 Iasonos st, GR 10436, Athens
T/F. +30 210 3317527


Tue-Fri 12:00 – 20:00
Sat 12:00 – 18:00

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