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Every man should have a selection of well-chosen style tips that describes his personality and his personal life-style. Formal, smart-casual or downtime dressing requires numerous different clothing items. By investing in key pieces, not only will you save time and money, but your wardrobe will offer a solid structure. 

Start by uderstanding your own personal style that helps you to choose items that you’ll wear over and over again, thus creating a collection marked by longevity. Try to head into the shops with a clear idea of the aesthetic you’d like to achieve, if you tend to dress up more, invest in crisp shirts, suits and shoes, whilst if you’re into casual dressing, go heavy on stylish denim, cool bomber jackets and sneakers. 

Many popular men’s offer plenty of inspiration for planning looks from head to toe. Whether you go for a quintessentially English aesthetic or modern minimalism, flick between the pages of these iconic titles and create a mood board with your discoveries. This will act as a tailored focus when it comes to selecting your investment pieces. Fashions come and go, and most designs have been worn before. By looking back through history, you can see how various looks have been styled and sported. Whether you mirror the slick aesthetic of the Mods, experimental fashions of the Rockers or those iconic Teddy Boys, archives from decades gone by are bursting with personas you can work into your wardrobe. Try watching a few old films or hunting down vintage magazines to make the process more fun. You can always tell when someone has taken the time to invest in quality clothing. 

Whether it’s a sharply tailored blazer, biker jacket or classic blue jeans, superior craftsmanship tends to exude a sophistication quite unmatched by regular designs. For formal occasions, look to linen and silk, whilst for downtime; invest in well-made denim, pure cotton and butter soft leather. And finally, try to choose minimalism over busy prints and vivid hues. Whether intended for the office, evening drinks or a weekend away, clean cuts and pared-back finishes create a slick aesthetic for any occasion. Choosing neutral shades such as black, white and khaki lends itself to both longevity and versatility.

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