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Trends are always misunderstood when you just watch a fashion show. Just stop most men in the street and they’ll tell you they don’t follow fashion trends, but when you look inside their wardrobes and hanging alongside the timeless classics you’ll see ripped jeans, seventies knitwear, flower printed shirts and etc. Those are just the trends he still likes. Here we break down all the big catwalk trends you should be looking to blend into your wardrobe this summer, from spillage-taunting head-to-toe white to striped suits and baggy blazers.


We all know that fashion has a love affair with the Nineties, but for Spring/Summer 2018 the mens collections are taking a step back. Now designers are getting their inspiration from the corporate world of 1980s office blocks. That’s right, your new style icon is your dad (back in 1985).


Every season designers pay homage to an increasing bond between formal and informal, suiting and sportswear. The same has happened again this summer for many brands and shows were full of sportswear finishes and touches.


If you think of any stylish man’s wardrobe, the first thing that probably comes to mind is stripes and lots of them, this season in deed! Continuing through all the fashion weeks stripes are one of the major trends cemented the fact that not only a simple t-shirt but long sleeved shirts, suits, vests, bomber jackets, high waisted baggy trousers are all striped this summer!


As menswear becomes more experimental, pastel colours are taking a key seat at the table this summer. We do all remember movies from 60’s with vast pastel colours in clothing, furniture and even food! So you should definitely recall a baby blue colour worn by you when you were crawling. Even your room and most of your toys were in blue that is the key pastel colour for this season as well.


Mother nature has been always one of the biggest inspiration for designers when it comes exactly to summer collections. And it is not a big secret that flower prints have been on the stage in men’s fashion world since 60’s-70’s hippie times till today. This year designers included different styles of flower prints in to their collections with cheerful and colourful improvisations that is kicking ladies for sure.

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