Cool People: Interview With Lawyer Taner Elmas

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Taner was born in Belgium and grew up in Ankara and Italy. He moved to Istanbul at the age 18 and finished Law at Bilgi University. Currently he is working for an international law office; however, apart from being a lawyer by day, Taner also has two amazing projects which he is proud to say that he is the co-founder and the co-host. The first one is a podcast called “Tatminsiz İkili” (could be translated as “Unsatisfied Duo”) which he co-hosts with one of his best friends, Ceren Ötkün. As “Tatminsiz İkili” they talk about their life, relationships, and what they are “Tatminsiz” (unsatisfied) for. The second project is called “Biraz Empati Rehberi” (could be translated as “Empathy Guide”) which he has started also with one of his best friends, Yasemin Zamanpur. As the world is going literally crazy, they wanted to do something and realized that most of the problems we are all currently facing as a society/world are caused by a lack of empathy and intolerance to differences. Therefore, “Biraz Empati Rehberi” was established as a non-profit entity that aims to remind and spark conversations regarding empathy itself. 


What was your favorite toy that you still remember from your childhood? Why?

Lego was and still is my favorite toy. The reason is that with Lego there are no limits to creating your own magical world. 

What is your dressing style? 

Even though I love colors, earth tones dominate my wardrobe. As for the dressing style, it is always changing and evolving with me as I change and evolve. However, currently, I am obsessed with anything loose and comfortable since we are currently stuck in our houses.

What is the coolest piece in your wardrobe? 

My father’s 1980s brown gaberdine long coat. I have been fascinated by that coat from the first day I saw it so now is my favorite and coolest piece in my wardrobe.  

If there is any style icon you follow, who is it and why? 

For me, it is nearly impossible to state one definite name, but I can say that Edie Sedgwick is one of the top ones. As for the living icons, you can never go wrong with Kate Moss, Dev Hynes, Rihanna and Asap Rocky. 

What is your favorite decorative object in your house? 

With the pandemic, I had the time to re-furnish and change the decoration of my house. While decorating my house I have found out that there is a whole world of live auctions happening on Instagram. Through those accounts, I have found really cool vintage, unique and inexpensive objects. I believe my favorite decorative object is an orange ceramic liquor bottle which is modeled as a fish and its matching little fish shot glasses. 

Which neighborhood in İstanbul is your favorite one? Why?

Definitely Cihangir! The first reason is that I love the community and the people in Cihangir. The second reason is that being able to live in a high ceiling house and have access to everything I need within a walking distance makes my life easy. 

What is your favorite place in İstanbul? Why? 

Different needs different places 😊 For breakfast Kruvasan, for coffee Norm Coffee, for brunch MSA’nın Restorani, for cocktails Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar and Barrio Topagcı, for dancing Minimuzikhol, for ceramic studio and more coffee Wohha and for culture Lunapark Creative Works. 

What was the coolest country, city or place to have the best fun ever? What did you do? 

I am torn between London, Amsterdam and Athens. I have the best memories in these three cities which resulted in making new lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.  

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