Dazzling Scent Of Christophe LeBo’s ‘Le Garçon’ Fragrance

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Article Contributor Alexander Koko

Inspired by his travels, nature, and childhood memories, a well-known French Haute Couture designer, painter, and perfumer Christophe LeBo creates a unique new fragrance for men! Le Garçon Lebo, which aims to become the primal passion for perfume lovers, appeals to cheerful young souls with its dazzling scent.

Christophe LeBo, Le GarçonChristophe LeBo, Le Garçon

Collected in late spring, the warmth of cranberry, bergamot, tangerine, and the sharp scents of limes and yellow lemons are brought together to construct an assertive character. The essence of verbena petals combines with cloves, white musk, oakmoss, and vanilla to create a strong and fresh feeling for the summer season. This brilliantly assembled fragrance is a tribute to French sensuality and is accompanied by a strong character of willingness to explore more. Find the fragrance here.

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