Frank Art Studio Combines Luxury With Art In Bodrum

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Article Contributor Alexander Koko

This summer Susona Bodrum Hotel unites with Frank Art Studio to create a unique art project. Different paintings and sculptures are presented indoors and outdoors on all the premises of Susana Bodrum Hotel. Each art piece is selected exclusively for this collection, which is uniting the modern architecture of the hotel with the innovative approach of art world. All the art works are for sale for all guests & visitors. This summer art lovers have a great opportunity to experince works of prominent artists such as; Ahu Aydemir, Ayse Kiran, Cengiz Yatagan, Ceylan Dokmen, Ebru Yilmaz Çakmak, Emir Senturk, Halime Tukyilmaz, Hazar Motan, Julide Zeynep Gunce, Laura Margarita, Linda Malici, Mustafa Sonmez, Nilay Sorguven, Ozgur Balli, Serhat Erem, Ufuk Atilla. All the art works for ‘Frank Art Studio x Susona Bodrum Art Route’ project are selected & curated exclusively for Susona Bodrum by Serkan Yildiz, the founder of Frank Art Studio.

Frank Art StudioFrank Art StudioFrank Art StudioFrank Art Studio

Moreover, Frank Art Studio is also hosting a couple of important solo exhibition shows, where visitors from Bodrum and guests staying in Susona Bodrum Hotel will enjoy their evening in the artisan ambience. The solo shows, which started with the ‘Arada’ exhibition by Julide Zeynep Gunce on June 23, will continue with ‘I dream of Africa’ by Laura Margarita on July 21, and a mixed exhibition featuring different disciplines on August 18th  and 25th. 

Founded on the belief that art should be accessible to the whole society, Frank Art Studio supports independent young artists as well as artists who have already claimed their name in art society, both in modern and classical ways. Frank Art Studio, which has carried out solo and group exhibition projects, has been working with the West Station Gallery in Denmark since 2022, and with its experienced team, it carries out works that arouse high interest in the art sector. To explore more about all the art pieces visit here.

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