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Titled The Ritual, the new Gucci advertising campaign follows the reversal of perspective that characterized Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s vision for the Fall-Winter 2020-2021 show, where the audience was invited to witness what goes on behind the scenes, behind the curtains. Further exploring the idea of looking at things from a different point of view, new possibilities opened up.

Consequently, models were asked to be the authors of the new campaign and were given the brief to simply inhabit the looks in their daily lives from the comfort of their own, intimate spaces and record themselves doing so. The lens is thus that of this eclectic cast of characters, and the result is a deeply personal, honest and candid series of self-portraits.

With freshness and authenticity, these hyper-real images depict one’s home as a personal creative laboratory, whose inhabitants are free to have fun and experiment using their imagination: they acted as photographers and storytellers, producers and scenographers.

The different formats echo the array of tools used, ranging from disposable cameras to camera phones, adding to the variety of results and telling of individual decisions about how the protagonists wish to be seen.

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