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Athens based contemporary brand Hard.Clo presents GAGARIN: First in Space a.k.a.. First man In Space! Гагарин: Первый в космосе or полетели!

This time, strong & characteristic identity of Hard.Clo FW 19-20 collection explores the perspective of the Russian cosmonaut through a particular eye.

Dark but also with light sources in it like the orange color.

It is a story that we have placed in a space environment but with strong references to today.

The silos became the headquarters of the cosmonaut you are preparing to conquer space.

Be a Storyteller

Hard.clo is an international brand of clothing and accessories based in Athens, created by talented stylist & creative director Yiorgos Mesimeris. The basic idea is to imprint a new language and maybe a new world. Using the Cyrillic alphabet to create bold statement. Each collection has limited circulation and its own Hard word printed on it.

#hardstories #outofspace

Photographer : Spiros Kokkonis 

Creative director & Stylist Yiorgos Mesimeris @yiorgosmesimeris

Grooming : Sophia Kossada @sophia_koss 

Models : Mila , Yonas  D Models 

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