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Athens based contemporary brand Hard.clo goes to SPACE!

The new SS19 collection has a bold statement : “Houston we have a problem!”

This time, strong & characteristic identity of the brand is describing a continuing battle, dated back in 1961-1969, between the two super powers, Russia and America. Who will be able to conquer space first?

Yuri Gagarin, the first person who traveled in space orbiting the moon. Neil Armstrong, the first man who walked on the moon. The two faces forming the centerpiece of the Hard SS19 summer collection.

Space may be unknown to us but has a story to tell, a story that has many ways to be told…

Histories are written but we can write them again. The words – phrases depicted in the collection – tell their own story in a different – hard – way.

Be a Storyteller
Hard.clo is an international brand of clothing and accessories based in Athens. The basic idea is to imprint a new language and maybe a new world. Using the Cyrillic alphabet to create bold statement. Each collection has limited circulation and its own Hard word printed on it.

#hardstories #outofspace

Photo : Spyros Chamalis ( Insta : @obiwanlives ) 

Video : Kostas Dekoumes ( Insta : @deko27 ) 

Fashion : Yiorgos Mesimeris ( Insta : @yiorgosmesimeris ) 

Models : Daniel Rasielewski ( Insta : @Daniel.rasielewski ) Ace Models

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