Exclusive Interview With Fashion Photographer Dimitris Kleanthous

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Dimitris Kleanthous / Photographer

Dimitris is a photographer based in Athens. He does fashion, product and travel photography. Fashion keeps him motivated all the time. Dimitris takes his inspiration from everything around him; human behaviors, landscapes and contemporary art. His aim is to express himself through his images, to shoot his own reality and tell his truth through his lens.


When and how did you become interested in photography? At what point in your life did you realize that photography is what you wanted to do as a career?

I always loved photography. When i was a kid i was shooting everything with my cellphone. With my first camera, i was using my little sister as a model doing editorials. In my 20’s i was taking portraits of my friends. I remember some of them were working on music scenes and theatres and i was making the photoshoot for their posters or their interviews. Then I started to learn more about it. I studied photography and took lessons of History of Art in Athens and New York City. I travelled a lot visiting the biggest art and photography museums and I realized that this is what i want to do. I was ready to try it and do my best.

What shooting did you have the best fun moments with?

I love every project and I’m happy every moment of it. But I had great time in London when i went for 2 days for a photoshoot. The time was pushing us, the project was too demanding, all the team was in hurry to complete it, and i remember this anxiety made me more creative and later I was very happy with the result. But in general, i always love meeting new people, working new ideas with them, create with my team, connect, and this is the reason I do this job.

Beside fashion photography, you are also shooting portraits, products & places. What are you future goals as a photographer based in Athens?

I love to create an universe where the human interacts with the environment, or the space beyond. I love to shoot products with my point of view and make them stunning in a place they seem to fit in. I love to see the land and the sea geometrically, or even make them abstract, to reform and rebuild them. This is what i do and my goal is to keep doing it in the best way I can.

Athens is a very cool city. Which part is your favorite photo location so far? Why?

It’s true. Athens is a very cool city and it has nothing to envy from the other European capitals. I love the contrast between old and new. The deconstruction of geometry and the Classical architecture which is modernizing all the time. The great monuments like Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, Palaia Agora in the center of the town are the ideal scene for fashion shootings and they are pole of attraction for the biggest worldwide brands. I also love the industrial and alternative neighborhoods in Gazi Area. I think they are great for street fashion.

How do you see the global fashion photography scene? Likes & dislikes..?

These last two years, the health crisis has had a colossal effect on the global fashion scene. Covid-19 had a serious impact on the global economy and every industry in Fashion itself. Bu this change wasn’t only negative. The huge donations from the biggest Fashion brands and the new eco-friendly production methods all proved that Fashion is not just about clothes but it was always humanitarian. In my opinion fashion photography is about politics, identity, self-expression, power, desire, and new ideas of sexuality. I think it’s the time for a new era in fashion and I’m glad I’m part of this industry watching this change.

What is next on your photography bucket list? Any new project(s)?

These days I’m planning my trips on the islands for the summer vocation. I’m going to do some travel photography in cooperation with some hotels. I’m going make some fashion shootings too and currently I’m organizing my first solo exhibition in Santorini this August. I’m excited and can’t wait for this! 

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