Exclusive Interview With Dj Valeron

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Interview Oben Budak

You have a hectic tour ahead of you with dates in Athens, Mykonos, Zurich, Ibiza, Istanbul… How do you get yourself ready for such an intense schedule? 

I try to keep my self always motivated. I workout when i have time and I am thinking always positive! 

Your new album’s name is World. What is the story behind this album? And why did you name it World?

World is my third album in 3 years in a row. In this album traditional instruments meet electronic music by connecting different music cultures from all the World!

Do you prefer playing on festivals or in clubs with a solo show? Why?

I prefer to play in venues where I can have a close contact with the crowd! 

People going out to clubs in Istanbul and Athens are usually non-stop talkers during all performances… Does it bother you? What is the scene like from where you standing? 

Sometimes it really bothers me to see people coming to a venue to watch an artist but they are talking all the time and scrolling their smart phones during an event! I think that we have to keep away our hands from our mobiles, because when we go out we should just listen to music, dance and have fun! 

Has social media changed your approach on how you relate to your fans? Has it been good or bad? Why?

I think social media helps a lot, so people have a chance to know and follow much more  about my work. Everyone is connected on social media so I think it’s good! 

Which ones are your favourite places for gigs? Why? 

Scorpios / Mykonos, Before Sunset / Cesme, Klein / Istanbul. That crowd feels the music that is so important for the dj!

You said once that it is amazing to see people dancing to your own music on a dance floor, so you’ll never stop producing. Is Valeron more a producer or a DJ? 

Valeron is both! At the beginning I started my journey as a dj and have been continuing as a producer. And that feeling when people ask me to play one of my tracks is just priceless!

Tell us about your summer programme, where will we catch you?

For this summer every Saturday I am at Scorpios Mykonos with my band and of course dj sets in Istanbul, Cesme, Bodrum, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, Beirut and many more!

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