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After fronting Fendi’s SS18 eyewear campaign, actor Jamie Campbell Bower is back on your screen for the brand’s latest AW18 men’s eyewear campaign film, titled Play Me.

Capturing the Counterfeit frontman’s off-duty moments before a concert in Rome, the film sees Bower hanging out in his hotel room, wearing Fendi specs of course – as he receives a call from the reception: an unexpected package has been delivered for him. The box, that reads ‘play me’, contains a vintage DV camera.

In a picturesque succession of Roman squares, buildings and landscapes, Bower watches the film from the camera, noticing that he’s in the video too. Someone has been filming him, as he walks alone through the city’s Via Della Fontanella Borghese and runs under the arches of Palazzo Della Civiltà – all filtered through the brand’s AW18 men’s eyewear offering. 

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