‘Urban Trashformers’ Obeject Collection by Industrial Designer Savvas Laz

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Athens based talented designer Savvas Laz presents his last work TRASHFORMERS.

Trashformers is project that deals with the major issue of recycling, disposal and use of styrofoam in the packaging industry, an industry that is very limited to the recycling of this material.

Pieces of styrofoam , such as those often found in the packaging of appliances such as fridges, washing machines, TVs etc., were used as a main structure for that object. By trying out different compositions , the purpose was to convert these pieces, found in trash bins , into unique objects of everyday use.

The styrofoam structure was covered with a water based resin mixed with powder, pigment and fiberglass so as to give strength to the object and make it usable. Each object comes from a unique combination of random styrofoam packaging pieces, which makes them one of a kind. You can have a closer look at all the items at the special exhibition that is held in the AMPERSAND art space curated by Rodeo Gallery till 28 of Sep at the Mavromateon 43 Street.


Savvas Laz is a designer with a true passion for the sensual and the exceptional. He is dedicated to creating bespoke, handcrafted objects that celebrate the superior quality, allure and richness of the arts and crafts. 
Storytelling is an essential ingredient in his design process.

Historical research in combination with material exploration and impeccable craftsmanship come together to create collectible objects that fuse the extravagant with the minimal, and imbue the everyday with playfulness and pleasure. Since 2018, the studio of Savvas Laz is based in the historical centre of Athens, Greece.

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