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Christian Bendek is a fashion and style influencer living in New York. He is originally from Margarita, a small island in the heart of Caribbean. Christian’s full-time influencing career started after he decided to move to New York city from Aruba, back in 2012, when Instagram was just starting to be a real thing. Through time and hard work, Christian has succeeded to model for Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana, he has been featured in numerous articles about men’s fashion, including Vogue and GQ magazines, attending the most important fashion weeks around the globe and influencing people with his bold maximalist style that has a joyful, bohemian, sexy touch.

Interview Alexander Koko

What was your favourite toy that you still remember from your childhood? Why?

I don’t think I kept a toy for long. I used to play a lot with hot wheels and I had an Alf doll for the longest time, but I left it behind at my parent’s house, after I moved out. My favourite toy now is my phone and Moti Ankari.

What is your dressing style? 

It’s about having fun and being sexy. I do play around with different styles, but I always wanna look sexy and that doesn’t necessarily mean “sexual.” I like colourful, tight, loud prints and Italian designers. I like how bold they are… like Versace. I am into leather pants and silky Versace shirts these days, layered with gold accessories and cowboy boots.

What is the coolest piece in your wardrobe? 

Western cowboy boots from Versace.

If there is any style icon you follow, who is it and why? 

I love to follow Luke Jefferson Day, who inspires me everyday. @MotiAnkari changed my island-chic style to my New York style and I also like @oh_anthonio. 

What is your favourite decorative object in your house? 

Me… I am the prettiest piece! lol, kidding. I have two pieces; one of them is a Venus statue that I brought from my parent’s house. It’s probably over 50 years old and you can probably spot it on my stories. It gives me good energy. Another one is a piece from Hush Artist that I got gifted in Miami during Art Basel. It is a reproduction but he signed it for me. I like it. 

Which neighbourhood in NY is your favourite one? Why?

My neighbourhood, of course, is financial district. I love New York and all of her neighbourhoods for different occasions and times of the year. I love East Village to go out for drinks and food and West Village is such a dream to stroll down. I don’t like going uptown that much. But if I do, I only go to shop at Versace and Zabar’s grocery place and during autumn I like to witness the fall foliage in central park.

What is your favourite place in NY? Why? 

I love Death&Co. It is a speakeasy located in the East Village and it is always so hard to get in. You have to wait for hours, but it’s totally worth it! I usually go with my friend David when he comes to visit from Aruba. We always leave the place hammered. They make the most amazing cocktails and we have a rule not to drink the same one again. Five drinks usually hit the spot and we then call an Uber home. 

What was the coolest country, city or place to have the best fun ever? What did you do? 

I love Milan for fashion week, but my happy place is a beach, whether it is Aruba or St. Barths. The Caribbean is such a magical place and it always makes me happy. The Caribbean is my final answer… there’s no other place in the world like it.

How do you spend your homestay these days?

Mostly wearing sweatpants and watching movies I loved growing up with…There’s a sense of comfort watching them. Luckily, I have a lot of time on my hands now, so I’ve been spending it on creating some at-home content, taking long relaxing baths and eating a lot of snacks (don’t expect me in a bathing suit anytime soon).

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