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Photographer Nicholas Mastoras/Another Studio

What is your story and achievements in life?

I am a professional fashion blogger. If i could name some of my achievements in life those would be: my attendance to big shows like Hermes and Versace, during fashion weeks and my award as the best male blogger of Greece. 

What was your favourite toy that you still remember from your childhood? Why?

The favourite toys from my childhood were the Barbie dolls. I used to change their outfits all the time and cut their hair.

 What is your dressing style about?

If I had to name my style, I would say that it’s effortless. I love wearing white vans with jeans and jackets and even blazers. Tiny sunglasses, different shirts and white t-shirts. 

What is the coolest piece in your wardrobe?

I have to choose from all of my shirts but it’s pretty hard… But the last days a white shirt with red lips on it’s pocket had stolen my heart!

If there is any style icon you follow, who is it and why?

The style icons that I follow are @doina, @natgeorgala and @arsenios.p they are all bloggers and absolutely stunning! Also, i adore the style of Mr. @jacquemus, all his philosophy and colourful moods make me notice the bright side of life.

What is your favourite decorative object in your house?

I have a statue of god Eros. It reminds me that falling in love with your dreams is the most important thing in life. 

Which neighbourhood in Athens is your favourite one? Why?

That would be a neighbourhood at mountain Lycabettus where I live. It’s quite and romantic.

What is your favourite place in Athens? Why?

My favourite place in Athens is Feedel restaurant that is close to Syntagma Square. Great place with a great food. I also love Kalimarmaro stadium area for a quite and atmospheric walks through the night. 

Can you name three must things to do in Athens? 

If you are planning to visit Athens, firstly, you have to go to Acropolis. Then you need to party like a Greek till the morning and for sure you have to visit the most of the taverns and restaurants you can. I can assure you that in Greece we have great food! 

What was the coolest country, city or place to have the best fun ever? What did you do? 

The best city I have visited so far is London. I am an urban guy and I like the creativeness and the freedom of this city. I could definitely live there!

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