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Photographer Nicholas Mastoras/Another Studio

What is your story and achievements in life?

I’m from Lefkada Island. I’m a professional Ballet dancer at the Greek National Opera. 

What was your favourite toy that you still remember from your childhood? Why?

I had lots of toys actually. I used to play with my Playmobils more than anything because I liked to create an imaginary funny and happy world to myself.

What is your dressing style about?

I like to wear casual and comfortable clothes in my daily life. But when when I get dressed for a formal event I choose total black. 

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

My ballet clothes and accessories that are expensive as they are a part of my daily routine.

What is the coolest piece in your wardrobe?

My coolest peace is my leather jacket!

If there is any style icon you follow, who is it and why?

That would be Jared Leto. He has an amazing personality. I love his hair style and the way he takes his every appearance to another higher level.

If it is set to wear only one brand or a designer like ‘forever’, what brand or designer would it be? Why?

It so difficult to choose among so many fashion designers, I can’t really name anyone. But If I had to that would be Yves Saint Laurent. He is a legend!

What is your favourite decorative object in your house?

I have a frame of Rudolph Nureyev in Sleeping Beauty taken at Herodion Theater. 

What is your favourite place in Athens? Why?

My favorite place is a bar in Athens called Arxaggelos. It’s a retro themed bar playing soft music and I usually go there to have drinks with my friends after a long hard working day.

What was the coolest country, city or place to have the best fun ever? What did you do? 

Lefkada, where I come from and think of it as heaven on earth… Apart from that, I had a lot of fun at Kos island with my friends when we went there for 10 days. We where riding bicycles all day, sunbathing and laughing all day long!

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