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Photographer Nicholas Mastoras/Another Studio

What is your story and achievements in life?

I was born in Athens. I studied acting at the Conservatory Drama School of Athens and theory and history of theater at the University of Athens. I am working as an actor but a few years now mostly as a theater director.

What was your favourite toy that you still remember from your childhood? Why?

To be honest none! I don’t remember me playing with toys as a child. Generally i remember only a few things from my childhood.

What is your dressing style about?

I think i don’t have a specific style. I wear anything i want, i mix and match clothes without thinking a lot. And I guess i manage to look ok in my own way.

What is the coolest piece in your wardrobe?

A plain white Thom Browne Oxford shirt.

If there is any style icon you follow, who is it and why?

No, not really. Although i admire almost everything what Hedi Slimane creates.  

What is your favorite decorative object in your house?

A green handmade teapot in the form of a chicken brought to me as a gift from Bali.

Which neighborhood in Athens is your favorite one? Why?

I love Plaka. I think it’s the only really beautiful piece of the centre in Athens.

What is your favourite place in Athens? Why?

I have many! The cafe of the National Archaeological Museum in the centre. Serse La Fam, a very nice restaurant at Monastiraki. Athénée, a classic bar-restaurant near to Attica department store and Nero, a cafe-restaurant by the Vouliagmeni Lake.

Can you name three must things to do in Athens? 

Visit Acropolis. Stroll around Plaka area. Watch the sunset from Lycabettus hill and for sure go to the beach.

 What was the coolest country, city or place to have the best fun ever? What did you do? 

I loved Arizona and the Grand Canyon in the USA. That place is really like you are not on earth, the nature is amazing! But i also have great memories from a trip in the beautiful city of Warsaw in Poland.

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