Cool People: Interview With Actor Lorin Merhart

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Lorin Merhart is an actor based in Istanbul. Lorin was born in Berlin in 1997 to a half-German and half- French father and a Turkish mother. Lorin has been living in Istanbul since 3 years old, right after he moved from Bali with his family. Loren started his acting career at the age of 11 with a short film and later took several parts in various TV series, films, and theater productions. When Loren turned 18, he went to London to study at a conservatory for professional acting education, where he spent four years. Upon his return, Loren joined the cast of the TV series Çukur and continued his career. Currently, Loren plays the character of Beşir in the Amazon Turkish Original Bihter movie that will be released today on Prime Video. Along with his acting career, Loren is taking courses in disciplines such as; parkour, fencing, equestrianism, singing, and business management. He is working hard to be the best and have a proactive nature, constantly striving for self-improvement. Interviewed by our editor-in-chief Oben Budak, Lorin Merhart is one of the coolest guys in town. Scroll down and read this exclusive ‘Cool People’ interview to know him better…

What is your favorite childhood toy that you still remember? Why?

My favorite childhood toys were probably my Action Man figures. I used to create all sorts of scenarios with them and constantly save someone in my imaginary adventures. The reason they hold a special place in my heart maybe because they align with my current purpose. My aspiration in life is also to be a strong individual and be able to help those in need. Of course, we can’t put on a cape and become a superhero, but being able to change someone’s life for the better might be one of the most significant acts of heroism in our times.

What is your dressing style?  

I don’t have a specific style. I usually dress in a mix of different looks. Sometimes very casual, like a simple tracksuit with a hoodie, other times it’s a formal suit, and occasionally a relaxed beach style. You can see me in all sorts of outfits. It varies based on the situation and the environment, but I never shy away from being myself and standing out. I enjoy wearing different glasses and hats. However, I believe the most important thing is for individuals to be themselves. I’m an advocate for people being able to dress freely in their own style. Once you’ve discovered yourself, I believe in living your true self to the fullest without worrying if it’s too much or if you’ll look funny.

What’s the coolest piece in your wardrobe?

My sports tracksuits are pretty cool, but if I had to choose the coolest, I’d probably go with my sporty suits.

What is your grooming routine every morning?

I’m a fan of Dalin, and I like to cleanse my face with it every morning and evening. After taking a shower, I do my skincare routine, and the last step is usually taking care of my hair.

If there is any style icon you follow, who is it and why?

I don’t follow just one person. I like to combine various styles from different people. But among those I admire, some names like David Beckham, Timothee Chalamet, Michael B. Jordan, and more.

What is your favorite decorative object in your house?

I have a very special hourglass that holds a special place for me. I got it to remind myself about the value of time. Whenever I find myself lost in the hustle of daily life, I come home and turn it upside down to watch the sand flow. I think of the grains of sand as a physical representation of time, and as they pass, I’m reminded of how little and precious our time truly is. This awareness encourages me to focus on long-term plans rather than getting caught up in trivial matters. In fact, time is the only thing that’s truly valuable and limited in our hands. Remembering that it will end motivates me to take actions quickly.

Which neighborhood in Istanbul is your favorite one? Why?

As someone who has lived in various parts of Istanbul, I would answer this question with Fenerbahçe and Kalamış areas. I used to be more into nightlife and having fun in the past, but I think now I want a quieter and more routine life. That’s why Kalamış seems like the best option.

What is your favorite TV series to relax?

I don’t have a specific TV series I watch, I enjoy watching various shows to relax. But if I had to pick one, I absolutely love watching Friends over and over again.

What was the coolest country, city or place to have the best fun ever? What did you do?

Personally, the city I enjoyed the most was London because I spent four years of my conservatory life there. I had an incredible time and had a lot of fun. I never felt excluded as a Turkish person because there were so many people from different cultures. I still have friends from various countries. Occasionally, we organize meetups in London and have fun just like in our student days. It’s a truly amazing feeling. But I have to add Bali to the list because it holds a special place in my heart. From surfing to the food, art, and entertainment, it’s an amazing place. It’s one of the rare places where I feel a sense of peace!

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