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Going back to your origins and finding yourself in your childhood places has always been an exciting adventure for all people.
The Autumn-Winter collection 2018-19 signed by Hard.Clo fashion project is born from this feeling without forgetting all the other universes of emotions…
A group of young people unsure about their sexuality find themselves in an old villa overlooking the sea. The perfect setting to discover their most hidden secrets…
The result is a kind of love that is full of nuances. There is no white and black. Reality is found in the shades of gray. Nothing is predefined and everyone has to find their own balance, away from what society dictates.
Furthermore, the collection has a vibrant Pink colour that is a new black in nowadays fashion scene. Pink represents the childish memories that are transformed in to grown up sensuality… 
Photographer : Spyros Chamalis 
Owner-Stylist: Yiorgos Mesimeris

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