AltUst Yalikavak Is The Pioneer Of ‘Fun, Dine & Drink’ Concept in Bodrum

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Article Contributor Alexander Koko #WeekendEscape

AltUst, a vibrant restaurant and bar located in Yalikavak Bodrum, offers gastronomy lovers a very comfortable and quite memorable experience with its unique ‘Fun, Dine and Drink‘ concept and stunning sea view. New generation chefs around the world have started bringing a much more relaxed and natural atmosphere to the restaurants with the ‘Fun Dining‘ trend. The ‘Fun Dining‘ approach, which is a combination of fun, dining, and drinking, is created this summer by AltUst in a local, friendly, and entertaining culinary environment and continues bringing the energetic vibe to Yalikavak Bodrum dining scene.

AltUst Bar & RestaurantAltUst Bar & RestaurantAltUst Bar & Restaurant

In addition to the abundance of local flavors of the Aegean cuisine in the menu; falafel with lots of herbs, including light and vegetarian alternatives, raw zucchini salad with avocado, cracked taco, sea bass caponata and citrus tagliatelle are among the dishes that must be ordered for sure. Offering various cocktails prepared with the special recipes by award-winning bartenders from Turkey and around the world, AltUst bar team also includes the latest mixology trends in its plentiful menu. In the cocktail menu, where guests can choose different options according to their current mood, the coolest options so far are: ‘Magic Margarita‘, ‘Cowboy Killer‘, ‘Iced Almond‘, ‘Ohhh Daisy‘ and ‘Sunday Beauty’. Each of them aims to cheer you up and impress you with their unique tastes. For menu and reservations look here.

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