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SUPERFICIAL. is a Portuguese clothing brand created by a team of three, who are inspired by pop culture and are hoping to convey a message of humour, irony and an affection for disruption. SUPERFICIAL. is the culmination of these three concepts.

The production is designed and produced in Portugal using all organic cotton and with reusable packing. The brand underlines today’s climate of social, political and environmental changes that are considered as impacts, that clothes have within this context.

The first collection, that was launched last October, is composed by 3 T-shirt’s and a lighter.

The team strongly believes that there is more space for small brands. Small brands without big investors. And we certainly agree on this. Nowadays, shopping clothes isn’t a priority, and it shouldn’t be, according to SUPERFICIAL. vision. So, this collection is for more people online, looking for something, something that is unique and for sure amusing. To shop the collection go at

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